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September 25, 2009


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Would definitely like to see star shapes and ovals would be nice as well... how about good old squares!! As for colours, would like to see some clears and coppers!

Carol Southern

I would love to see some bright silver ones and any shapes. They do look awesome.


Your sprinkles look so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win some! Heart shapes would be cute!

Sue Walsh

Love the look of the sprinkles! Silver and gold for Christmas would be great and I too would love to see heart shapes. Thanks for this chance Andrea!

Patricia Petosa

Hi Andrea: Would love to win some Sprinkles. I've never used them and they look pretty! Patricia


love it love it love it thanks for the chance to win

Dana N

Wow, those sprinkles could add some pizzazz to my layouts and cards! Love the colors, would like to see more copper/silver/gold. Thanks for the chance to win!


Wow thanks for the chance to win, and with winter come up i would like to see star, or snowflake shaped sprinkles ;) thanks again and have a fantastic weekend. Blessings. Renee

Deb S

Hey Andrea,

Thanks for the chance to win some sparkly sprinkles. A ruby red for Chrissie would be great and maybe some butterfly shapes???

Cheers, Deb


I am always a fan of stars....great for Chrissy, fairies and male cards...or even for effect of the back of a skater dude who is really cardving up the curb. Given the range of use...any colours wld be good, but silvers, mauves/pinks and perhaps a green or 2.

Tania Ridgwell

Hi Andrea,
Wow fantastic freebie friday again, would love to see some hearts and stars, love to see some golds, silvers and christmas colours. Thanks again for the chance to win, have a great weekend,

Lyn S

These are so pretty! I'd love to see some heart and square shapes. I love pink and blue tones.


My tween is big into lime green, so I'd love to see that. For shapes, stars but in gold & silver maybe.

Nikki C

Hi I would love to See some thin Jumbo ones to be able to highlight Images below
Also swirls .. in the sparkles or as shapes would be amazing. Color choices ANY AND EVERY is that too many ?
thanks for the chance at these
off to add a link in my sidebar
hugs Nikki

Jennifer Smith Sloane

I think larger circles would be great as I think they would be perfect for flower centers!


Pinks/mauves, silver would be fabulous and flower shapes would be great. They looking stunning and I would love to get some for South Africa!


I like things that look like metal...so gold, silver, bronze, copper would be great!


oh drool. I love all the colours, lately due to the upcoming season I find myself gravitating away from my blue, aqua & red colour scheme to the red, green, silver range. So I'd say the metallic colours are where I'd extend the range to :)


These sprinkles are so amazing! I really love the colors! And they look great on the card (I saw it on Ida's adorable card)!
I agree with everybody - maybe silver, copper, gold will be looking nice too!
Thank you so much for the wonderful give away!
Good luck to everybody!

Amanda de J

Such a lovely product! Looks like all the colors are there already. Love all the purples. Maybe some sparkly gold ones? Or what about some with a little glitter in? I think that would look great on cards. Thanks so much for the chance to win such lovely and generous candy.

Lucie P.

I have never used these, but they look really great. I would probably use them in any shape, but possibly some squares and some 'earthy' or metalic colors too?

Marcie Collis

thanks for the chance....gold, bronze, copper in heart and flower shapes.

Ali MAcDonald

Those Sprinkles are SO pretty! Ty for the chance to win! Good luck everyone! Posting this on my Blog too.


These look so pretty!! I have joined your feedblitz feed!

I would like to see black, smoky grey, silver and gold and if they came in heart or star shapes it would be cool - also teardrops/raindrops could be really usable on lots of projects.
Also - if there were an aurora borialis (like a rainbow effect) color that would be really fantastic.


flowers, rectangles, and arrows.. :) I am always out of the box.. hehe..

Sharon Keanly

Greetings from South Africa. Thanks for the opportunity. Would love to receive some of these sprinkies. The colours are amazing. Please visit my Blog and join as a follower. I'm a newbie to Blogland and would love to make friends with like-minded individuals. Take care Sharon


wonderful and new shapes would indeed be fun!


Stars would be amazing!!!! Hearts and flowers as well :)

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